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We keep our costs to a minimum so that we can give back to optometry.

Receive up to 10% of the price for sharing with others our devices that you are using and loving. 


iLight IPL - Love it! I have had the iLight IPL for 6 months now, and I'm so happy I have this option for my patients! Due to the affordability and quality of this product, I have had it paid off for a couple of months and I am now confident with how and when to prescribe it for my patients. 


I appreciate the immediate customizability on a simple touch screen display, in addition to preset standard settings for any treatment goal I have. I also look forward to utilizing more the additional accessories and features included in the purchase (smaller tip, YAG laser, etc)


From the day he delivered the unit, Dr. Chism has made the purchase and training process smooth and simple. He provided in office training, efficient reference sheets with written protocol for any treatment goal I have, and he has been quickly responsive by text, phone, and email for any questions or guidance I have sought. He is a knowledgeable resource, and always willing to share his knowledge. 


I highly recommend the iLight, as it will open opportunities to continue helping patients and your practice. There is no subscription, no ridiculous service agreement, and no buyer's remorse. I love a few pieces of equipment I have, but this is the best value by the standard I set, which is legitimately improving patient health and bringing a realized return on investment. I sincerely thank Dr. Mike Chism for letting me know about the iLight when I met him last August. 

Solomon Campbell, OD

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