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New - Coming January 2023

iLight LED Pro


IMG_8420 (1).png

35,000+ hours of full face treatments with energy above 100 mW/cm2

LED pro from above head (4).png

Adjustable LED head
flattens to get
larger areas

LED pro flat head.png
LED pro from above (2).png

Large touch screen with programmed presets


Meet all your needs with the Aesthetic package
(Additional $8,000)


Infrared light:

850 nm


Red light:

633 nm

Yellow light:

590 nm


Blue light:

417 nm

Power of the LED

155 mw/cm2 total energy with
the all red LED head!


Quick Facts

How does LLLT help?

  1. Photobiomodulation - using non-ionizing energy to trigger changes in the cells in our tissue

  2. Increase ATP, nitric oxide, and decrease oxidative stress

  3. Promote healing and tissue repair

  4. Reduces inflammation

  5. Heats skin to 43 degrees Celsius

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