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iLight IPL Pro

Are you looking to help more patients and create another stream of revenue? The iLight IPL Pro can help you do both!


Two handle sizes, to customize treatments

The iLight Pro comes with all the presets you need to get started plus it has full customization. Includes Doctor Training and Free Starter Kit. Free Delivery.

No required service agreements, No subscriptions, No click fees.

2 Year warranty. Doctor Support. 30 day money back guarantee

Extended crystal for easy treatment visualization

Large screen with user-friendly interface

High quality wheels for easy moving

Portrait of successful group of business people at modern office looking at camera. Portra

Doctor training

Optometric Aesthetics prides their trainings because they are all done by doctors and not sales reps. 100% doctor support after sale 



The crystal head is quickly water-chilled due to metal plates on the sides of the head. Proven protocols give safe and effective results.

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