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iLight - Aesthetics

iLight IPL

iLight - Aesthetics

iLight treats to tighten skin, remove hyperpigmentation, vascular therapy, skin rejuvenation, and hair removal. With this machine you will take your practice to the next level. 



This price includes everything: IPL/RF larger handle for facial treatments, IPL smaller handle for hard to reach areas, pico yag laser handle, bipolar RF handle, and several other accessories.


No hidden fees. Total cost includes doctor training for you and your staff.

No service agreements, No subscriptions, No click fees.

2 Year warranty with personal support from doctors

IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) + RF

IPL teamed with RF achieves the best results for pigment removal, skin tightening, and vascular therapy. 

Bipolar RF

RF therapy penetrates into the epidermis and deep dermis to stimulate collagen growth for tighter skin and wrinkle removal.

Laser Hair Removal

Remove unwanted hair with a minimal pain due to the chilled tip of the handle.

Pico Yag Laser

Pico laser uses energy to squeeze cells to activate cell signaling to create collagen and elastin and is used to remove all kinds of pigment spots.

Facial Treatment

IPL with Radio Frequency

The iLight IPL machine uses the latest technology that includes intense pulsed light with radio frequency at the same time.

  • What type of training is provided?
    Dr. Chism has COPE approved lectures in IPL and aesthetics. He will travel to your office to train you and your staff how to operate the machine. It is recommended to have the entire staff present for the first part so everyone knows how to talk about it and be successful. The next part will be for the doctors and technicians involved. You will be taught how to run the iLight IPL device and how the technicians can assist. Then we'll do a couple treatments until you are comfortable. You will also have my personal support throughout the entire time you are using the iLight IPL machine.
  • Is there a warranty?
    Yes, there is a 2 year warranty on all parts.
  • Why does this IPL machine cost less than others?
    The iLight IPL device was created by an optometrist for the optometrist. I created a device that all optometrists can afford. I choose to spend little to nothing on marketing and advertising, no sales reps, and cut out the middle man to keep the cost as low as possible.
  • What are the consumables?
    Here is a list of the items most commonly used for IPL treatment: (about $3-5 per treatment) - Ultrasound gel - IPL grade eye shields - Gauze pads - Tongue depressors - Face wash - Facial sunscreen
  • What is the maintenance with iLight IPL machine?
    Maintenance with iLight IPL machine is very minimal. The machine is water chilled and needs replaced every 3 months. Changing the water take 3-5 minutes and it is ready to go again. The only other maintenance is after treatment you will need to clean the ultrasound gel off the handles.
  • What comes included with the device?
    5 Filters (480 nm, 530 nm, 590 nm, 640 nm, and 690 nm) Two IPL handles: - One Large handle (12mm X 30mm) - One small handle (8mm X 15mm) Reusable IPL eye goggles Two IPL grade eye glasses for doctor and assistant foot pedal
  • Are the iLight IPL parameters adjustable?
    There are set parameters for each treatment so you can turn on and start using it with little to no knowledge, but the parameters are also completely adjustable.
  • Is the iLight IPL Pro machine FDA approved?
    Yes, the iLight IPL Pro is FDA cleared for aesthetic treatments.
  • How much can I charge for IPL treatments?
    Prices range depending on location and clientele. I have seen anywhere between $1,000 to $2,200 for a package for 4 treatments.
  • How long will the Xenon lamp last?
    The Xenon lamp in the IPL machine is estimated to have from 750,000 to 1 million flashes. That is approximately 10,000 treatments per handle. The cost to replace each handle is $4,400 if ever needed.
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